Pamela Warrington

Prayers for Isabelle

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Its been difficult finding out that my baby has just been diagnosed with a disease called SM. She had a bad night last night she couldn't get comfortable and whimpered. Waiting for her medication to come in for her. This disease scares me because I don't know what to expect and how much pain or episodes she will have to endure. I miss her happy go lucky sweet attitude. Her eyes show me she is scared and that she does not understand what is happening to her. I have done alot of crying and praying. Please think about us and if anyone can offer any encouragement or direction with what I can do to help her with her bad days or if to have a surgery that can be done. At a crossroads. Thanks


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  1. Karlin's Avatar
    Hoping your medications come through quickly as those should start to help. Lots of people here will give support whatever your decisions.
  2. Pamela Warrington's Avatar
    Thank you,

    I really feel loved thank you for all the support and kind words, I will let all know about her MRI this Saturday! Keep us in your thoughts. My heart is with each one that is or has gone through this horrible disease. I pray God gives wisdom to the Veterinary people so they can find ways to treat and be successful in doing so. God bless you all!!

  3. Pamela Warrington's Avatar
    Dear Kerri,

    Thanks but they had to changed Isabelle MRI to Tuesday the 14th, so I will let everyone know the good news hopefully. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers.