Pamela Warrington

Prayers for Isabelle

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Hello Friends,

Isabelle is going for her MRI this Saturday, I am a little scared, but trying to keep the faith and remain positive. I know that she is in Gods hands and all I can do is pray that all will be well. She started her medication a couple of weeks ago, and I have noticed that she has gone back to following me around the house, she again lays on my lap and boy does she have a appetite. She still has some scratching and itching still, but it has only been a week or two on medication so I am hopeful that things will just get better. 2 weeks ago she was not doing any of the things I mentioned and I am so glad to have my baby back to following me and laying on my lap. I really had missed that. Before she yelped at times like she did not want to be bothered. Thanks for everyone who has wrote and encouraged me with love and support I really fell the love of God through the love shown through this wonderful site.

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