Pamela Warrington

Isabelles Pics from MRI

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Today I drove down to see Dr.Berry, he wanted to show me Isabelle's MRI pics. They were not as bad as I thought. She has a couple areas where it shows CM but rather than that everything looks great. She did however have something added that I must of not heard him mention before or I did not understand. She has a disc that could potentially cause her issues down the road, and might need attention. But if you know me and have read my posts, this is just another thing I will stand in prayer and faith about. Just praying for the best for her and the future we share together. Take care!


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  1. Karlin's Avatar
    Well that sounds like a pretty good result, all things considered. CM, the skull malformation, can cause the things you have been seeing but is definitely a better result than syrinxes. Also the breed is prone to disk disease so it is useful to know that the possibility is there down the line.