Dear Santa

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Dear Santa,

Ive been a really good dog this year. I have not complained, been happy to others, and even though i have not been going to the nursing homes since i was sick, i really would like to have comfort. It has been tough, with my SM, surguries, and not to mention the dog attack, but i have never stopped wagging my tail.

I was born to help my mother and bring light into her life. I would like for others to feel good too. I already got an early present Rupert. He is my new comfort and you can see him in the pictures. Rupert is in rainbows bridge and shining down on me and i feel comfort just snuggling with his doll.

So please Santa, let other girls, boys, and dogs and future dogs feel comfort and bring them rupert on christmas day. You would be helping future cavaliers and other dogs because every rupert, money goes towards research for what i have been so strong even though its painful.

I know santa that the elfs usually make your toys, but maybe they can work with tania at in her store to make some so the children will have a new year of joy and comfort.

Thank you santa! Love the dog at the top of your nice list,


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