Rupert's Fund Auction

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Please support us in this auction to raise money for Rupert's Fund - lots of wonderful goodies for your companions and yourselves.

Please bid in the appropriate thread for each item - postage will be added to your bid at cost at the end of the auction.

If anyone has anything they would like to donate for the auction, or any questions, please e-mail me [with photos if possible] to

Please keep watching as there are some more items being added...

***The auction is open for bids ***

Please bid in British pounds if possible - I'm too stupid to work out conversions!!

You can use to convert

The highest bid for each item at closing time wins. Some more costly items will have reserve prices that will be added to them, to ensure they achieve a reasonable bid and to honour the generosity with which they were given by our sponsors and donors to help raise funds. Closing date is midnight on New Year's Eve, to fit in with our ONE campaign to raise 10,000 for Rupert's Fund by 1/1/10!!!

Items will be posted in the New Year - but many would make lovely New Year presents - be different this year!!

We will ship these internationally -- at least with the non-breakable items! PM Nicki if you are outside of the UK/Ireland/Europe and wish to bid on a larger breakable to discuss packing/shipping possibilities.

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