6th May 2007 - Puppy School Day

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We had puppy school again today. This was Beau's third day. He is now ready to move up to the Beginners Class but that starts on the first Sunday of each month, so is still a few weeks away before we start. I don't mind though. Beau just loves the classes and they are fun. Today when I pulled the car up and Beau realised where we were, he went nuts trying to get out of the car. He was so eager to go play with all the other dogs.

Everything really clicked into place today. Beau's sits which have always been good, were perfect, his drops are getting really good, he walks like a little model citizen, stay has always been a strong point, and his recall has improved greatly. That up to date has been our weak point. Beau had his usual stauch with a fairly aggressive little Jack Russel that he has crossed swords with before. There were also some really out of control large older pups (probably about 6 months + old) that were a bit over the top. I don't know what breed they were, but I think probably cross-breeds. One looked like he may be a GSD x Lab, and another looked to be some sort of Bull Terrier X. They weren't nasty dogs, just overly exhuberent and probably unlikely have been controlled by their owners. There were quite a few yelps from most of the other dogs as these 3 roared around ploughing into everything. Almost all of the handlers at some stage got hit in the legs & almost knocked to the ground. As unpleasant as that was I guess it teaches the dogs that they have to watch out for themselves and that not all dogs are gentle & play nice nice.

Our new skill that we practiced was fetch, hold & give. I thought it was a strange technique that we were being instructed to use, and none of the dogs really got it. We had a little wooden dumbell that we place in the dogs mouth while we say "fetch" and then immediately we say "hold" and right away we take the dumbell back saying "give" and then reward. The dogs just looked confused and so did the handlers. I am going to look that one up in a couple of my training books. It just seemed a bit confusing to be saying 3 commands all in a row.

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