Cavalier Collection Scheme

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Thank you for explaining this Margaret. At the Griffon Seminar it was stated that Griffons, healthy or otherwise, were also included in the scheme. Is this still the case?

At the time we were told to notify the GB club secretary in the event, does this still apply or is there a central agency?

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  1. Margaret C's Avatar
    Hello Ruth,

    I certainly said I would be willing to collect Griffons and any other breed that would have a knock- on benefit for cavalier research.
    Obviously I would need to consult the researchers before making a commitment to take a dog of a different breed onto the scheme.

    Anyone considering volunteering a dog should contact me or Tania Ledger as the Collection Scheme is independent of any breed club.

    The money to pay for the post-mortems and cremations is raised through the efforts of pet owners and a few supportive breeders.
    Small 'fun' clubs & the rescue volunteers in the South have also been wonderful in raising money and volunteering to transport the little bodies.

    Tania and I are meeting up soon to plan a relaunch of the Scheme. We will now be interested in cavaliers of any age & any MRI status.
    Unscanned or scanned dogs are all important to the group of researchers I work with.