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Hello, I am new to the group and am glad to have a place to share thoughts, ideas and general banter about the wonderful Cavalier breed. I am the owner of 1- (9 yr. old ruby girl) 1- (8 yr.old black and tan girl) and 1 (5 year old ruby boy). My 8 and 9 year olds are heart clear but my 5 year old is a grade 4-5 murmur. He is on Pimobendan, Enalapril and Furosemide. I have a top notch, caring cardiologist who is doing a wonderful job keeping him stable. He is a very happy boy and loves life to the fullest. He has a few limitations at this point, but he is doing remarkably well. I don't want to think about what the future will bring, I just want to enjoy each precious day I have with him.
I am a firm believer in ethical breeding for health not appearance. I am not a breeder but have been fortunate enough to become friends with the breeder of our dogs. Their philosphy has always been to breed for quality of health, not size or color or $$. It pains me to see so many of this sweet breed lose their lives to MVD because of carelessness and greed of breeders. True breeders are the people who want this breed to live on for everyone to enjoy. I am always angry to see Cavalier puppies for sale in the newspaper with these sellers having no clue about MVD, SM and all the other afflictions of the breed. We must do all we can to STOP the unethical breeding of cavaliers, especially the damn puppy mills. I guess I am off to a roaring start here.

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