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Hello I am in such a Delmar my Tri colored Cavalier will be 1year on Feb 14th 2011,she has such a sweet personality I have such bad Asthma & Allergies,when I had my Cocker spaniel I never had any problems,I guess the fact that she was cut close every four weeks,may have made a difference.I lost yer 2 years ago due to cancer,I have been having shots and I am not getting any better,As I am a registered disabled.It is hard for me to get out and about. My husband thought having a lap dog would be good for me,I love her to bits she is a wonderful companion,but I am raking my face till it bleeds, constant coughing. I am also take nasal pumps.Damp dusting every day,but with my back so bad(I am awaiting back surgery) I just can't keep up.My problem is I do not want to take her back to the Breeder,as I feel she is just not the breeder I thought she was.How do I find and make sure I find her a new home.Charley is the love of my life totally house broken by 4mths.she has perfect manners,so devoted has so much love to give,and is great with kids, and listens well,her training has been going well. It would pain her to have an accident. she would rather hold it in than make a mess.she goes to bed every night at 9pm by her choice in her create,and you don't hear from her until 7am.How am I going to find the right person.I live in Florida.if anyone has any Ideas please help me.I am broken hearted.

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