Karen Rawlins

Churchill has been diagnosed with Syngromyelia

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I joined this forum earlier today and got some great advice. Churchill his is on prednisone every other day 5 mg. , but is doing some very odd things. He has always been so good to go to the door when he needs to go out. Now he goes in the house whenever he pleases. He is walked at least 4 times a day and is feed twice a day at 5:30 am and 5 PM. So his feeding schedule is the same as always. I don't understand if this is a side affect of the prednisone or the SM. He will get up 2 to 3 times in the night and want to go out but still continues to have accidents. Help

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  1. RodRussell's Avatar
    Is he taking any other medications?
  2. Sue Pryor Simpson's Avatar
    My one year old Cavie has SM too. Scarlett is also on the predisone, plus a diuretic. When she first went on the meds, she was constantly drinking water and peeing, inside and out. She was hungry all the time. We cut back on the diuretic from one, twice a day to one in the evening, then to 1/2 in the evening. The "air scratching" and symptoms have subsided tremendously. She did act a little weird at first, but seems to have adjusted now. She does sleep more and doesn't play as much as she did. All this seems so unfair for such sweet little dogs to suffer with this.
  3. Karen Rawlins's Avatar
    Actually the vet has cut him back to 5 mg evedry 3 days and he has finallgy adjusted to the dosage. He sleeps all night and since I have been making his own dog food and not using store bought food, ( i don't know if that is correct grammer, but whatever) He has been doing so much better. He has more energy then he has had since a puppy. We will see what happens. but for the time being he is doing great. One day at a time. Sorry I am tired tonight so I am probably making lots of mistakes. Thank you for all of the support.