Unpredictable Toilet behaviour

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I am hoping for advice for my new (rescued) Cavalier! Holly is 18 months old with a lovely but slightly nervous disposition. We have tried letting her out late at night in hope that she wont wet floor during the night but that is happening about 3 nights a week! Trouble is also that she has never peed or pooped when out walking/exercising?? Her sister, same age has no problems in this department at all, so we are a bit bewildered! We thought that she was just getting used to us for the first few weeks but now she seems right at home but no change in behaviour?

Any advice welcomed!

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  1. Karlin's Avatar
    Hi Roisin -- you have actually created a blog and posted to the blog -- not to the forum where far more people will see it. Maybe copy your post and post it into the training forum?
  2. Karen Rawlins's Avatar
    My 3 1/2 year old Ruby started having the same problem. Going in the house and having to go out at night. Accidents all the time. I had to have all my carpets cleaned. He has always had a problem with diarrea and the vet would put him on antibiotics and I would put him on a rice and boiled meat diet for afew days. I finally realized it was the food I was giving him. It was IAms which he had been on all his life. I finally started preparing his own food for him. He is like I different dog, which I have posted in this forum. I found a very basic recipe for dog food which includes, either Rice or Pasta, boiled beef or chicken, some kind of vegtable, steamed and pureed, hard boiled eggs chopped and sometimes a little unsalted chicken broth added to his foo. Also a vitamin supplement. He is 21 lbs and I give him about 2/3 cups given twice a day. I also give him milk bones to help with his teeth so he does not get tarter. Good luck with your training.
  3. Arker's Avatar
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