How to help Rupert's Fund

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The lanterns are great but you have to be very careful where you release them as they are so light and can drift easily if it's windy!! . We live in close proximity to Glasgow Airport and are on the flight path for the air helicopter to the hospital close by which is why we release them up the Braes.
Another thought would be if you sold special candles to be lit by people on a certain night at a certain time or people could use their own candles and maybe donate to Rupert's Fund. My cousins 40 year old hubby died suddenly in February and my cousin asked us to light a candle on the following Monday at 7pm. We all did it made a donation to a charity on his behalf and sent her the mobile photos of our burning candles. She says it gave her comfort that eveyone came together from so many different places to think of her and her hubby and a charity benefitted substantially.
I think that's a great idea.

Nicki, is there a certain mininum amount to donate?

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