if people could see my tears

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I'm emotional. I speak with my heart and not my head but thinking today I remember going through being blamed that ella was depressed and nothing is wrong with her. Sm is an emotional roller coaster and if only people who said they cared about her would have cried with me like they did at the thought of her losing an eye to a dog bite.

I was told by that same friend with a cavalier my neurologist is just wanting money, he in fact gives ella acupuncture for free and has been very helpful with me.

I was told I'm the cause of her depression and she is fine not around me. When I was out of town and my real friend who has cried tears for ella and sm told me that there was a weather change so ella had a bad day, the night he left her with our co worker downstairs.

Kevin received several panicked phone calls and came home to realize she just isn't her playful self. So he told me now people may not think you are making this up for attention.

The attention I want is the same as if you could see it. There are so many problems and I don't know what everyone goes through and I just want to say owners feel pain too.

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