11th May 2007 - BARF

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BARF - It sounds horrible doesn't it! Like losing your lunch. But it stands for "bones and raw foods"... well most of the time. I think in recent times it can also have some high brow meaning something along the lines of biologically accurate something or other, but I like the bones & raw foods meaning.

So having finished reading Billinghurst's book yesterday I decided to give this BARF a go, so we jumped in, boots & all. In truth we've been doing a sort of BARF sometimes & cooked sometimes thing anyway, for a couple of months, so moving to a more BARF driven diet is more about putting the cooking utensils away for most of the time. The foods themselves aren't going to change much. Sonny would be deliriously happy if he knew that his 25% of chicken neck meals is about to hike to at least 50%. When we first adopted him we had a battle of wits to get him to eat anything but chicken necks and he lost... well at least I thought he had. In a twisted funny kind of way it seems we are going to compromise & he may not have entirely lost after all.

So ready to make the plunge, here is what was on the menu yesterday:


Biscuit (first thing in the morning)
RMB - that is raw meaty bones, beef this time around


Chicken Loaf


Cottage Cheese
pulverised greens & fruit
fish oil + vitamin E

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