Katie Martin

Iz my Dog the normal size or are other Cav's just HUGE

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Hi I'm Katie ...... My cav's name is Lennie and he is kinda small he is 10lbs and a foot tall i think i might be wrong, Iz he the normal size for a 15 mouth Cav?

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  1. Zumie05's Avatar
    Coco is 12 inches high and weighs 10.6lbs at 7 months old. The breed standard is 12 - 13 inches at the shoulder, and 13 - 18lbs! I would say that most other cavs you see are just big At 15 months he may still have some weight to put on.
  2. Zumie05's Avatar
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  3. Erin2854's Avatar
    I have a petite girl too. She's about the same size as yours and is going to be 2 this month. She looks alot like your little one actually! She is very healthy, been checked out by several vets, board certified cardiologist etc. All the cavs I've met are much bigger than my Polly but just like people...they can come in all shapes and sizes and she is perfect to me
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  4. Karlin's Avatar
    Hi Katie: Not sure if you intended to post this as a blog post -- think maybe you meant to put it on the board itself and am just flagging that you can get info on the blogs and making board posts in the FAQ section. 10 lbs is pretty small and quite undersized for the breed but runts of the litter can be smaller as can the odd dog in a normal litter. As long as your vet has thoroughly checked him and he is fine then size isn;t really an issue but if he was a runt or if the breeder deliberately bred for smaller dogs (as some unethically do) then you could be at a higher risk of health issues as generally these horrible people are breeding litter runts to runts. But you can get all sizes; I have dogs ranging from 12-17 pounds . In 7 years of doing breed rescue I have only come across two dogs near yours in size though so it would be considered very small compared to normal breed standard and I'd just make sure he is carefully vet checked and gets an annual visit for a checkover as well.
  5. mommytoClaire's Avatar
    Hi Katie! Do you know much about your dogs background? How did your dogs weight compare to the other dogs in the litter.

    My Claire is small at just 13 months, llittle less than 11 lbs, and very petite in stature, but I know she still may fill out a bit between now and 2 years. Her brothers were bigger than her, and I never saw her sister. My Vet says she is in good health, but just small boned.

    Hope you'll join us on the forum. Great picture of your dog!
  6. winnysmamma's Avatar
    Shes just a tiny girl. Thats all. Winston is 20 lbs. He's a beast of a Cav. They all range. She may just be the run of the litter. Shes a doll!