Oliver's First Night

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Or Momma Learns The Hard Way. Just because Clancy (at 14 1/2 weeks) was able to stay dry through his first night home in the family bed doesn't mean Oliver (at 8 1/2 weeks) is old enough to be able to do the same. After a 3:30 a.m. sheet change, liberal spraying of Simple Solution, and putting the baby in a belly band, we slept through the rest of the night uneventfully. He did wake me a few times with the suckling sounds from his nursing dreams, though.

He is otherwise settling in quite well. We left him alone for about 40 minutes this morning to take Clancy on his regular 2 mile hike. Oliver was safe and sound in his playpen when we got home, though he had done a poop on his training pad. Wasn't expecting that, as he had already pooped earlier in the morning. Thankfully his breeder suggested we use bottled drinking water to start, since she has a well and we are on city water. So we have had no issues with diarrhea, so far.

The baby sleeping on me as I type makes blogging difficult, so I shall close for now.

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