14th May 2007 - Mothers Day

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Yesterday being Mothers' Day, I first took Beau to his puppy class and then I bundled he & Sonny into the car & headed up to my mum & dad's place. This was Beau & Sonny's first sleep over and they were absolute angels. We had no accidents in the house, which they explored from room to room. At bed time I made up a little area next to my bed, using their x-pen & with their blankies on the bottom. They slept there all night without a peep.

They were just so well behaved. At one point my dad invited me upstairs to listen to him play the violin. Upstairs is all plush cream carpet. My dad said "Bring the dogs up with you" so I had my fingers crossed that they would be nice up there. Well they were like The Royal Spaniels. I sat on the pretty brocade chair while my dad played, and Bau & Sonny sat at my feet all perfect listening & cocking their heads to the side, as though they are part of the royal court. Wish I'd gotten a photo. We had a great time, and they both travelled so well together in their car crate.


Chicken Necks


Chicken loaf (training treats)
A sweet bickie (how could I say no, my mum wanted to spoil them)


Round steak (minced)

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