11th May 2007 - Supplements

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I've been a bit resistant about using supplement. My thinking has always been that surely if a wide range of foods are fed then supplements should not be required. However, just about every book I've read and just about every emailing list I've been on all suggest at least some supplements. Some are very heavy handed, while other have a light touch. I do try to keep an open mind & not remain entrenched in my own ideas, but this has been sort of the last Bastion for me.

So, Billinghurst is in the "light handed" category re supplements, and as we are going to give his style of feeding a fair go, I conceded that I should at least provide the minimum amounts of supplements suggested. I've got fish oil, vitamin E and a bottle of multivitamins on hand, but I need to go shopping for some brewers yeast, oh and maybe kelp. I am undecided about kelp. I'd recently heard some bad rap about kelp in the USA but I am not sure if that applies to the kelp we have here in Australia. I need to research this a bit more.

So these supplements are not necessarily given every day. In fact some only once per week. The thinking behind it is that even though the raw feeding model provides more than adequate amounts of vitamins & minerals, we should be providing plentiful quantities of those that are never at risk of becoming toxic.

As a matter of interest, with a BARF diet we do not add calcium as there is already more than enough in the diet & and over abundance can result in just as many problems as not enough. Apparently the calcium v phosphorous ratio is in perfect balance in bones, not necessarily so if supplementing.

So, though we are well on the way of BARFing (that really does sound terrible doesn't it ) we've still got some fine tuning to do & a wee bit more shopping.

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