Thought I'd Start A Blog

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Hello All!

Thought i would start writing about Benjis adventures, or the silly things he does.

So lets start with today...

Our morning walk started off as usual with me letting Benji off his lead to go explore the park (once a safe distance from the road), although as whats becoming the norm he had to go back on his lead because he wanted to wonder off the other way. Actually though i'm glad he went back on his lead as a little further into the park a large chocolate lab came bounding over. At first Benji stood his ground and let the dog sniff him, but then the lab got a little mean so Benji tried to run away making the lab think he wanted to play. Sadly the lab started to aggressive and was growling at Benji which made my poor little man start whimpering. Oooo... let me add in there, that there were no owners in sight at this moment. So with Benji whimpering, every time we walked away the lab would jump up me and he was huge. I'm roughly 5"3/5"4 and the labs front paws were practically on my shoulders. Benji was pretty terrified by now and was yelping and whimpering as the lab pretty much tried to bat him around the park. Finally an owner appeared and called the dog away. Benji was so scared that the wind made him jump, he stayed by my feet and every few seconds had to stop and look around.

The labs owner put the dog back on its lead and then took the dog out of the park, so what does that say about the dog?
I know the majority of the dogs over that park are friendly because Benji sees them most day but i still cant get my head round why you'd let your dog off your lead and then let your dog out of your sight? I mean Benji was yelping and whimpering pretty loud and it still took a few minutes for an owner to appear.

Anyway Benji has pretty much slept since then and that was about 4 hours ago.
Hopefully our afternoon walk wont be so eventful.

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