A Little Update

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Hello all!

Benji is doing good, although his back leg problem seems to be becoming more obvious. However we've booked him in at the vets for this saturday so we can sort this out. I've been looking into luxating patella alot and really think he could possibly be grade 2, but i'll leave that to the vet to decide.

Also Benji might be meeting my cousins dogs next week, although it does depend on his leg and what have you. My cousins have two dogs a sheep dog and a labrador. They're both friendly but Benji can generally be terrified of other dogs.

Anyway i'll let you know how the visit to the vets goes.

Sophie & Benji

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  1. Chiapet's Avatar
    Sounds like you have a good plan. I had a few vet visits before the decision to have surgery was made. I would send you a picture of Toodles when she came back from the vet so you would have an idea of what to expect. I'm not sure how to get pics on the site. Afterwards, it was 8 weeks of monitoring but it did help. I believ her's was stage 4. Good luck. It is something that can be helped.