And the vet says...

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Hello everyone.

Benji had his visit to the vets yesterday to try and find out what is going on with his back leg. The lovely vet couldn't really tell but she did say that the knee joint felt looser than it had when we last went which was at the end of May. So he's now booked in for some x-rays on the July 11th. Thankfully my mom has said she'll help me pay for them.

Thankfully his leg doesn't seem to be holding him back in anyway. His left knee must have moved the other morning when he jumped off the settee, but he still ran out to the garden on three legs to say goodbye to my mom.

Anyway, that is all i can say about it at the moment but i'll let you know once the x-rays have been done.

Sophie & Benji

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  1. Petra's Avatar
    skip the kneecap out? This ist very painful. Has he good leg muscles?
    Get well soon Benji