Meeting Storm & Echo...

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We took Benji over to meet my cousins two dogs yesterday and they're just a little bigger than Benji. Storm is a collie and Echo is a lab so they both kind of tower over my baby.

Simply put, Benji was pretty freaking terrified of both of them. They are both really nice & gentle dogs. Echo wanted to play with Benji whilst Storm kept growling at him, at one point even snapping at him when he tried to sniff her.

Towards the end of the few hours we spent with them, Benji was warming up to Echo a bit as Storm had just decided to ignore him. By warming up i mean he didn't back himself into a corner when Echo decided to sniff him, which was something.

I'm thinking about taking him back to meet them again next saturday and hope things will be a little different.

Anyway, until next time.

Benji & Sophie

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  1. BrooklynMom's Avatar
    Great idea to take Benji back next weekend. It is all about just desensitizing him to bigger and different dogs. As long as you know they are nice and not bullying Benji, I think it is really good to warm them up to each other. I bet after a few visits they will be fine together. And some dogs just aren't interested in each other...and thats okay too But it sounds like he just needs some warming up!
    Brooklyn cracks me up in front of big dogs, she runs up like she owns the place, then realized how small she is and comes sprinting back to me. Ha. I just make she not to sooth her so that I don't reward her being scared of something and she slowly gets her confidence up and they all play by the end of the park time (though some big dogs, and older dogs, are just not interested in puppies...fair enough, I think an airplane fully of crying babies is kind of annoying too sometimes. Ha!)