Days 2 After Surgery

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Hi All,

I thought i'd start doing this just so i can post about Benjis improvement after his surgery.

For those of you who don't know, Benji had surgery on his back left leg on Wednesday because he had a luxating patella.
The surgery went well and we bought him home at about half four that evening. Of course he was very dazed and sleepy from the anesthetic and his pain killers. For a while that evening, he just lay on the floor trying to move but he couldn't quite manage it. Although he did finally manage to figure out he could limp along slowly on three legs.

The next day he was back to his usual self. Full of energy and not letting the fact he only had three properly working legs slow him down. This however meant he had to start going in his cage so he wouldn't do himself any damage. For a while he let us pick him up to get him out into the garden but then started trying to bite us if we tried to help. Thankfully, he's mastered the art of getting in and out of the back door without hurting his poorly leg.

Onto today and well, he is back to being Benji. He'll bark when he's ignored, not that he's ever ignored in fact he's had me and mom tickling his tummy at the same time more than a few times. The only down side is that he's already getting bored and restless, meaning he tries to bite sometimes to vent his frustration, so he's spending more time in his cage. When he's out of his cage we have him on a short lead just because he'd try and run around the house if left to it. He doesn't mind it, although he does keep taking us to the front door because he thinks he's going for walkies. Poor thing.

Anyway, we have a vet appointment at 3 so they can take the bandage off his leg. We're hoping he'll leave the wound alone so he won't have to wear a cone but atm we think it's quite itchy for him as he keeps licking the bandage. There also appears to be some irritated skin by the wound and we're not sure whats caused that so we're going to ask today.

So for now that is it as he's finally asleep in his cage after a somewhat restless morning.

I'll post another blog tomorrow & let you know how the trip to the vets goes.

Until then stay safe & well!!!

Sophie & Benji.

p.s Here are a few pictures of my brave little man.


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