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Surgery day minus 3 days

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It is Saturday, and their operation is three days away. We have to be at their vet Tuesday at 8 a.m., and I am dreading it. Of course both Christian and I are very nervous that something goes wrong; we have heard a few horror stories. We have also got many responses about happy endings, and I pray that this will be the result here, too.
There is snow in the garden; for the first time this winter. Yesterday I had a morning meeting and then went home to work, but the snow was too tempting. The furry ones LOVE snow, and I decided to procrastinate work and play with them outside instead. My head kept saying: You will never regret the happy things you did with your dogs, if something goes wrong. I know. It’s just nervous thoughts.
However, we went out, and it was FUN. We played fetch, and they showed me they could multitask: peeing and eating snow at the same time, ha ha.
Today we played outside again, and even though the amount of time spent drying their fur exceeds the time spent outside, it’s really worth it.

A few pictures:

They are playing fetch with a very snowy ball.

Éowyn is a happy darling, often called “The Warrior Princess” (Danish: Krigerprinsessen) or “Her Deliciousness” (Danish: Hendes Lækkerhed). Here she is partly camouflaged in the snow.

Woohoo! Spotted the postman – maybe he’s got treats for us today…

We have reached a stalemate. They stood still and struggled for several minutes.

Well, we are enjoying the weekend. Monday they are going to their hair groomer, and this time it will be a very short cut, prior to the surgery. I will take pictures during their recovery, but firstly, fingers crossed for Tuesday!

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