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Surgery day -1 day

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In 14 hours I will be at the vet with the dogs. I am nervous that something will go wrong¸ so I have spoken a LOT of the dogs at work today. Thankfully I have patient colleagues. Normally I abstain from speaking too much about the dogs, but I couldn’t help it today. I bet it will not be easier tomorrow, while I am waiting for news from the vet. I have a meeting at 1 p.m., and normally I would turn off the telephone, but not tomorrow. I will have to wait for news from the vet.

Today they went to their groomer and had a haircut. They have been with him for six hours, and they are spoilt rotten! They are bathed, get treats, get a massage and a haircut, which is very practical now that their bottom should be shaved anyway, and I have got two very tired dogs now. They are sleeping in the couch next to me, not knowing that tomorrow is the big day.

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  1. BrooklynMom's Avatar
    I will be thinking of you during this surgery!!! It is normal to be nervous, just stay strong and know they will be in good hands. Keep us updated!
  2. pippa's Avatar
    Fingers crossed all will go well for them xx
  3. ourempire's Avatar
    Thank you both of you. Both Molly and Éowyn are fine, but Molly had some other health issues, too: teeth and red blood cells. I will set the next post up in a few minutes.