Miss Julie and Zoey

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Thank you for the welcomes! I had a delay here in getting back to the board. I have put up a Zoey Album in my profile. Zoey is doing good and weighs 5.3 pounds now.
Zoey and her brother were put up as rescue from a breeder because of the "soft Knees". I don't know what kind of breeder she came from. My vet has checked her out and her knees are doing really good. In fact, he has seen them improve so much from her "carpet time" that he sees no long term effects.
One concern I have is that they spayed her immediately when she was brought in. The rescue group said they cannot let the dogs be adopted out until they are spayed. I am wondering what the longterm effect on Zoey will be due to her "pediactric spaying"?
He hair right now is fluffy on her back and doesn't match the pretty flowing around her face and ears. I guess the hair on her back changes as she gets older?

Anyways - we are in love and happy to have each other. THanks again for the warm welcome!

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