30th June 2007 - The Doggy Door

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We put a doogy door in today. This has been a mission of female persistence (men like to call it nagging) that has paid off. Hubby was/is very against the whole idea as he says we are destroying a beautiful & expensive door. But he loves me, so he put the door in for me agaist his better judgement. I must tell you that I saw a look of pure pleasure as he watched first Beau and then a reluctant Sonny popping through it.

We chose a fairly simple design, with a single transparent flap. The flap stays in place with magnets on each side and there are little clips that the flap can be locked either completely, or to allow an animal in or only out. Except for very windy days I think we will just leave the whole flap free to open in either direction.

For the time being I've taped up the flap so that Sonny & Beau can become confident about going through it. Once that is done, then I'll let the flap down & hopefully they will soon learn to nudge it open with their noses. Chicken necks & wings have been a great incentive for them to use the door, and I even noticed them coming & going just for the heck of it. Not a bad start I think.

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