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Surgery day + 5 days

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This night was almost like yesterday. Both dogs had difficulty settling down in the crate; Éowyn because she circled round and round, trying to reach her behind, and the cone banged towards the crate; Molly because of Éowyn. After almost an hour I consulted Christian, and we agreed to give Éowyn ¼ of daily painkiller dose on a spoon with A38. Molly just got A38. It helped, and by midnight Éowyn finally fell asleep. She woke up a couple of times during the night, and at they were both wide awake.

I went out and prepared their breakfast and medicine before I let them out of the crate, and they were fed separately. Their cones are interlocked with their dog collars, so it is easiest not to take off the cone. I just hold the bowl for them, high enough for them to eat. They look like small vacuum cleaners that suck up the food! Today I added some of their daily oat bran the medicine, and Éowyn ate it without turning away from it. Then “morning poop” which actually went well for both of them, Éowyn didn’t whimper as much as yesterday. She is less swollen and inflammatory, and the morning cleaning wasn’t as difficult as the evening before. And then – back to bed with the dogs in their crate. It was Sunday morning, 6.30 p.m., and I honestly wasn’t ready to meet the world yet. We slept until 8 p.m., and then I took them out again – and Éowyn pooped again.

Christian had been up for 1 ½ hours, and he took care of the dogs while I showered. The feeling of cleanliness can’t be underestimated, when you are on a 24 hour poo duty! Afterwards he served me breakfast in the living room, where the dogs and I have settled down; in front of the TV and my computer. We have shared the duties between us. He goes to work, shop and cook (he IS the cook here anyway); I stay at home and take care of the convalescents. Today he went shopping and made an Indian dish, because it’s one of my favourites, yummy!

Today has been quiet and easy. They are both a bit tired and sleep a lot; but Éowyn has been better today. She even jumped up and came towards me, when I said the magic word “food”. They have just been out the second time after their evening meal, and woohoo! Éowyn pooped without even growling! No problems washing her either, she was almost clean, and the chlorhexidine and ointment was applied without resistance. Of course she had to rush for the crate in the living room to show us that this was not her idea of fun, but she quickly recovered and jumped up on my lap, where she sits now. Molly is right behind her, and Molly seems fine, almost playful and happy. Today we have seen a lot of progress, and that is great.

Watching Christian through the door.

Molly day 5. I wonder when I am banned from flickr due to obscene dog pictures.

As close to me as possible – I love the way Éowyn tries to squeeze under my arm.

Éowyn day 5. Even though she is still red and swollen compared to Molly, there is clear progress.

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  1. pippa's Avatar
    Great to see such improvement, your doggies are beautiful...
  2. ourempire's Avatar
    Thanks a lot, pippa.