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Surgery day + 8 days

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This night felt really short. I was home late, and the dogs were up early. At 5 a.m. they began to roam around their crate, and I begin to miss 8 hours of coherent sleep. But still, all is well, and I am happy that we are nearing the end without serious complications.

At 6.15 a.m. we got up, and the morning routine followed. However, and this is just my not validated theory, but they must have been holding poo back the first days!!! Éowyn had to poop thrice this morning (and three washings followed), while Molly did it twice (and two washes). It took 45 minutes from getting up until they had finished, and we went in and out 5 times. Still, it’s freezing (this night -15⁰C/5⁰F), so they don’t want to be out too long, and they start dragging me towards the door to get in, even though they haven’t finished.

The day was relatively calm and eventless. I took them out for short walks up and down the street, and we have played with their toys a little, but mainly they have been lying on the blankets or followed me around the house. It’s really nice that Éowyn has become more active. She is no longer just sitting down, waiting for me to carry her around, but she is bothering Molly like before surgery. I’m glad to see she is getting back to normal, but I am not sure that Molly feels the same

They got their evening meal and medicine a couple of hours ago, but despite three small walks out, none of them have pooped yet. I’m not too worried at this stage; the morning proved that it’s not lack of trying!

Éowyn day 8. Her behind is really looking good now, and I haven’t used the ointment the last two days.

Molly day 8. She is still looking fine.

My “home” for the past week: The round sofa chair with protective blankets, one crate, two dog baskets, and my computer placed in front of the TV.

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