1st July 2007 - Beginner Obedience

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Beau started Beginner Obedience training today. For the past few months I have been taking him to baby puppy classes which is primarily focussed on socialising along with some basic obedience like sit, drop, heel and some fun baby agility, so we moved up to the serious classes today. This phase lasts 8 weeks (provided you pass) and then they can move onto Class 1, which quiet honestly at this stage I have no idea what they learn.

Our little class only consisted of 4 but the teacher tells us that this is a big bonus as the dogs tend to learn faster in a small class. Beau is the only puppy of the group and he is also the only one that has been socialised outside of the home. There is a sweet little cross-breed (the red & white) that wanted to be friends with Beau, but the other two were scary. The Sharpei was displaying fear aggression and managed to get out of his harness 3 times during the class, and the Staffy just looked like he wanted to rip everyone's heads off. He was snarling & straining at the lead, which his owner seemed to be having difficulty holding onto. Anyway, both these dogs seemed to settle down as the lesson progressed but I did make sure to keep Beau away from them.

I was a bit disappointed that some of the other puppies from Beau's puppy class didn't turn up today, as he had made good friends with them and they had sweet little natures. Hopefully they will turn up next week.

It was probably one of the coldest, windiest days we've had this winter, so it wasn't terribly pleasant, but as always we came home with grins on our faces. Hubby came along with Sonny, his video camera & my camera. I think poor Sonny was a little overwhelmed by all the dogs there (about 100 or so in other classes) and I think he dropped his anal glands all over hubby's trackies. I guess we did drop him in the deep end walking him through that sea of dogs, but once he had his little panic he settled down & enjoyed watching nephew Beau doing his thing.

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