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Surgery day + 1 month –the final post

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Almost one month has passed now, and the furry ones are very well indeed. The fur is growing back on their behind, and there have not been any problems since. The first week after stitch removal I was very concerned, when they scooted over the floor; if their wounds could split open or something, but of course nothing happened. They still scoot over the floor if they want to go out playing (most often) or if they really have to go

Molly and Éowyn were soon back to their cheeky selves without the cones. What they appreciated the most was probably that they didn’t need butt inspection and washing several times a day. The last days Molly had developed an annoying habit of jumping over my arm, when I tried to hold her tight for washing and inspection.

The stitch removal was a Friday, and I was back to work fulltime the following Monday. Actually I miss being at home with the dogs. We had developed a daily routine following the popular TV shows, and the problems Dr. Phil solves made my 24 hour dog duty seem like a walk at a funfair

Actually, there is not much to report now; they have just been fine, and we are so happy that we took this decision. Therefore, this is the final post, but you can still leave comments, questions and your experiences with anal glands and cavaliers. The rear end rescue blog has come to a happy ending.

It’s an older picture, but I love it: Éowyn doing what she does best – licking Molly in her face to get her to surrender and give up Winnie the Pooh.

And the result: A seriously wounded Winnie the Pooh went to the eternal honey hives…

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  1. pippa's Avatar
    Thanks again and best of luck in the future with your beautiful doggies x
  2. BrooklynMom's Avatar
    Wonderful. I have loved reading these updates and they will be so great to have in the anal glad file!
  3. Karlin's Avatar
    Thanks for this fantastic job of documenting your and the dogs' experience -- it will be so valuable to others!