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Surgery day + 10 days

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This is the long awaited day. The last night in the guest room was suddenly easy to get through. They both pooped and got washed before bedtime, and they fell asleep without too much complaining.
They must have sensed something was up, because the morning was mayhem. When Christian left for work I had to find my clothes, so I could change for a work meeting later, but they were running around, barking, heading to the door, barking again - and honestly, I was so tired, that I shouted a bit. I know it doesn’t help. Finally the two cone heads sat in the car.

With the breakfast they had got one last dose of painkillers, since I know how whining they can be, if they feel the smallest pain. Éowyn was first up, and she did excellent. Her behind now looked perfect, and she had healed really well. Then it was Molly, she also behaved well. Her healing was also good, especially since she had the most difficult operation. Her scar in one side was a bit wry, but nothing that will affect her at all. It is purely cosmetics. In time it will become more even, but really – it’s not a butt beauty pageant, so it doesn’t matter.

The vet said that their recovery was exemplary, and that they were two very happy dogs. When they woke up after the operation, Éowyn wagged her tail as soon as she was capable of moving it, and they had been very comfortable at the vet. He said most dogs are a bit timid and fearful waking up there, but not Molly and Éowyn.

When we came home I had to go to work, and they were put in the crate in the guest room, again. I was worried how they would manage their first 4.5 hours alone for almost two weeks, but of course things went fine. I had left them with their cones on, just in case. I came home, and finally the cones came off. It was like watching cows going to the summer pasture at spring – they were jumping with joy, and the evening meal was almost swallowed.

The funniest moment was when I opened the door to the garden. Normally I walk them in leashes after dinner, but today they needed a reward. It was so funny to see them in the snow, playing with their balls and just running around.

Afterwards – bath! They were not that filthy or smelly, but still it was very, very good to get them cleaned! They are not that crazy about getting wet, so afterwards Éowyn takes a tour de bathroom where she tries to spread as much water from her fur as possible. Finally they were dry, and I hoped they would be tired by now, but NO WAY! They still wanted to go out in the garden, and they chased each other round the house. They got a small chewing bone, and finally they calmed down. Now they are sleeping in the sofa from which they have been banned all week, and they smell wonderful!

Overall this experience has been good. We have been very well informed from the vet, and all the preparations ahead made it much easier to get through. It was not more difficult with two dogs than with one, I think. Actually it was easy, when they were both very tired; they had the same level of energy.
It was an advantage to get it done in the winter time. It has been very cold, and sometimes too cold, but that is still better than a very hot summer, where we were forced to stay indoors.
The main issue, however, is that both Molly and Éowyn got through this without serious complications. They don’t have to go through infections and abscesses again, and I am relieved that everything turned out so well.

That’s it for now. I will post a final update in 10-12 days, when everything has settled down to normal.

Molly day 10, after stitch removal and a bath.

Éowyn day 10, also after stitch removal and a bath.

It is wonderful to see them playing in the snow again.

You can see them playing in the snow in this video

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  1. Spangly's Avatar
    I'm so glad to see Molly and Eowyn playing so happily! You have all done so well and must be glad that things can get back to normal again. Thanks for keeping us up to date.
  2. pippa's Avatar
    Thanks for letting us know how it all went, so glad that they are recovering so well. I'm sure this is not just down to your vet, who seems excellent but also to your time, care and dedication you gave to them during the last 10 days

    Looking forward to hearing how they are doing...
  3. ourempire's Avatar
    Thank you so much for your kind messages. They are fine now, and the last post is coming up soon.