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Isabelle waiting for results scared!

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Hi friends,

Just looking for pray and encouragement. Isabelle has been doing so good and managing with her SM she is still on the lowest dose of meds for these past 2 years and doing great. We went in for her routine visit, and the doctor heard a murmur for the very first time. Isabelle is almost 8 years old now, they ran an X-ray and it showed her heart was slighlty enlarged, so he wanted to have me leave her with them to run an Ultrasound to determine more. My heart sunk and I am so scared for the results. Isabelle means the world to me as I am sure you all can relate. I am trying to keep strong and positive, but my heart is so sad to hear of this new finding. I am not ready to let her go, I just recently lost my grandma, a Aunt and two best friends, losing my baby girl would destroy me. Please pray for us, I t would mean the world. Standing on hope and Gods love and compassion.

Isabelle Mommy

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  1. Karlin's Avatar
    Sorry you have this additional worry. However sounds like you are only in the mild murmur and start of MVD stage. Did your vet tell you what the murmur grade was? A slight heart enlargement is not a sign that anything is going to happen right away -- and there are several meds to manage MVD. She may never progress much past where she is now. I would go see a cardiologist though, as they will give you far better information and management advice than a vet can.

    Also: vets often do not understand that cavaliers generally have slightly larger looking hearts on xrays, so perhaps without expertise in the breed, they are mistaken in thinking this is a sign of anything. If you are in the US where vets do not see a lot of cavaliers, then that's an extra reason to definitely see a cardiologist.
  2. Pamela Warrington's Avatar
    Thank you for all the wonderful information she is at stage 3 and I goo see a specialist my vet referred me when Isabelle first was diagnosed with SM 2 years ago, which she has managed fine with a very low dose of meds that have not changed. So April 2 I will go down to see Dr. Berry regarding this new finding. We see him every 3 to 6 months for preventive care and for regualr check ups. Isabelle turns 8 in June I will hold onto hope and the kind words of encourgment shared it means everything. I was thinking of putting her on a heart diet low in sodium with some natural holstic supplements do you think that is best. The vet put her on 2 pills to help the blood flow from the valves and to help with the circulation and how the heart pumps. What are some of the meds that you all mentioned? The vet sent the specialist her X rays, and Ultrasound, so that his Cardiologist can look at it. Her lungs are clear and they said she was not in heart failure so I Praise God for that. I hope to have Isabelle for many years I pray, I have been so sad and crying all day of the thought of losing her or seeing this condition worsen for her. My vet was explaining how the values were letting reguratation in certain areas that is why he wanted to give her some meds that help with that condition. But I will seek advise from Dr. Berry when I have my appt on April 2. I will let you know pray for us. God Bless you!

    Pamela/ Isabelle