What to feed - wet or dry

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Help.... My 10 month baby was on james beloved dry and since xmas (where I admit I gave him a few nice treats on top) he wont eat it.....I tried the take it away after 15 mins... He still not eat. If i put a bit of wet food with he licks it off and leaves the biscuit..... I wanted him to have dry but am thinking should i give wet in morning and dry at night.....He is very lively.... Just dont want him to get fat.....(My poor ruby had bad heart and I lost her at 8 yrs) I miss her badly...... I know these dogs are fussy eaters....Should I just persevere with the dry and not give him anything else.......(It does look boring) but I know its good for him ) its just the battle of the wills.....Thanks for your advice in advance everyone

xxxxxxx Rosie Mummy to Prince

and Ruby RIP xxxxx

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  1. denali's Avatar
    Hi there,
    Lately I have been feeding my boy Kokoda dry food,
    He has never been fed wet canned food (though will sometimes sneakily steal the cats food!) but I do occasionally add pre-made raw food to his biscuits.
    The food i am feeding him at the moemnt he doesn't seem too keen on, compared tgo the other bsicuits. He has neevr been one to leave a meal uneaten, but with these ones he has been. He is currently eating abag of innova evo, but i had previosuly fed taste of the wild and Ziwipeak.
    I was just hoping I could add another brand to the rotations of food i go through, but he doesn't like it, so i will just continue with the other foods and not buy this one again once the bag is through.

    Some people will say that dry food is good as it clean their teeth, other studies have shown that it doesn't, so I am unsure where i stand in this argument, so I just feed plenty of bones like chicken necks, chicken wings and other meaty bones. A bone or two (depending on what bone it is) will replace one of his meals. He eats twice a day.

    Even though he is being fussy, i do make him eat it, and will take it away and give it back at the end of the day and he will eat it.
    I want him to eat mainly dry, with bones, but not wet, so this is what i do.

    So really, i would suggest staying with what you originally wanted, and before giving up on the dry food maybe trying a different type, see if you can get small sample packs, or ask for samples from friends to see if it is just this one brand or all dry food he doesn't like. If he wont eat any kibbles, give ziwipeak a go, it is expensive, but you don't have to feed very much of it at all. Kokoda LOVES it! It is more like a dried jerky than a biscuit.

    Good luck!
  2. denali's Avatar
    Sorry that was much longer than anticipated and most of it probably useless information!
  3. rosemary's Avatar
    Thanks for our comments... Yes may just see how he goes...he is trying to see if I cave in ha ha.... Got to be strong xxx