Old Age and Health issues

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My 13.5 year old Cav is pretty healthy by all considerations, but recently he has had what I consider "iffy" moments. He seems to shake at times (he will be just standing there and his body shakes); the other thing he does is pace. He does this before his feeding time, when he can't find me, and, in general, when he seems to be nervous. This happens fairly frequently anymore. He also loses his balance in that he will be "pacing" along the side of the bed (when I'm half asleep and he wants to be fed), and he will slip off the side and fall to the ground; he also falls off the top of the couch when he is sleeping and has "fallen" down steps when he is racing to get his food. Any tips for controlling his anxiety that seems to be at the root of all of these problems?

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  1. Soushiruiuma's Avatar
    You will get more responses posting in the forum, this is posted as a blog post (I accidentally did a blog post once too, so don't feel bad if it was unintentional).

    When you say he shakes, do you mean shakes like he's trying to get water off, or like a tremor?

    My suspicion is that there is a neurological component to his problem, and the anxiety is a symptom and not the cause. These could be signs of epilepsy if I'm not mistaken, but there's probably a whole list and I'm really not the best person to be chiming in.

    Try reposting this as a forum topic.
  2. ZIGZAG's Avatar
    Actually, on a funny note, I saw the title and I thought it was at first a discussion about pet-owners feeling 'Iffy" with old age and Health issues... I am 54 and feeling a bit long in the tooth some days, these days. I hope you were able to find some helpful answers, Because we do worry about our pets.