22nd July 2007 - Obedience Class Progress

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Rain, rain go away! Well not really. Australia needs rain as drought is our curse. Having said that, these past 8 weeks or so has seen so much rain with an average of about 1 in 3 of our obedience classes being cancelled due to rain. So I was starting to feel rather irritated when it started bucketing down on the way to obedience today. This is an hours round trip for me, so a cancelled class at the last minute is inconvenient & annoying. As luck would have it, today we drove right through that rain and out the other side to a nice sunny day for obedience.

Our class has settled into a really nice routine & a great bunch of people. Some have dropped out and now we all seem to be moving at the same pace & with the same goals in our sights. Our teacher, Robyn is a lovely lady and she is very encouraging.

Beau is a little master at heel, walking on a loose lead, turning left & right, about turn, sit, drop, running through hoops & tunnels and weaving through poles. He is also very enthusiastic about coming when called. Today we started work on “stay” and I think this may become our challenge. Our teacher said that every dog has one area that becomes their challenge. They may be pullers, maybe they are not great at recall. I just feel that Beau & I will probably need to work extra hard on this one. The funny little fellow is just so eager to be right by my side all the time, staying for him at this stage is quite simply beyond him. Never mind! We will work at this.

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