16th August 2007 - Sam at the vets

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Ohhhh! I hate it when my babies aren't home with me. My 9 y/o Sam the Boxer had to undergo surgery today for some problems in his mouth. Old Boxers are notorious for their dreadful mouths and Sam is no exception. He also is an anaesthetic risk with a reputation for being highly unstable while under. Last time he needed an anaesthetic the vets had to abandone half of what they had hoped to do because of this. So for some time now our vet has been making us aware that Sam's mouth would one day need attention but due to his risks, that we should wait until it is totally necessary. This morning I knew that the time had come, as Sam was salivating & working his tongue around his mouth as though he was uncomfortable. So I took him around to the vets & left him there, with my heart in my throat.

I rang at 3 and was given the great news that Sam was safely out of anaesthetic (big sigh of relief) but that one tooth was much worse than it seemed, with deep infection. Apparently his mouth bled quite a lot and though the bleeding has now stopped, the vet does not want to move him in case it starts up bleeding again.

So I have to leave him there over night and I hate it. I know he will be scared. I really hate it.

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