4th November 2007 - Sonny & Beau work as a team

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Today was Sonny’s first day at obedience, and as a team with Beau. Wow, it was fun and not at all difficult. Beau had already passed Beginner Obedience and was part way through Class One when I decided to back-track and take Sonny along too. As Sonny is 3 years old and I have been training him from home, it really was a piece of cake at obedience class today.

I took both Sonny & Beau on a double leash, but I also took a single leash along as well. I just tied that around my waist so it would be available if I needed it. The hardest part was getting the boys out of the car in an orderly manner. They were both so excited about getting out, and I had to be doubly careful that neither of them escaped from the car before I had their training collars & leash on. I just blocked the door of the car with my body and double checked collars & leashes before letting them out.

Beau was so excited about trying to drag Sonny over to meet all of his friends. I am pleased I turned up 30 minutes early so that Beau could blow off some steam before class started. I was surprised that Sonny was so calm & relaxed. I did expect him to be a little nervous, but he was like an old hand, just politely greeting the other dogs and then ignoring them as though it was beneath him to be too gushy.

Once pre-class line-up started, both Sonny & Beau seemed to know it was down to business and they settled down into a beautiful “drop” while the instructors gave their talks of the day. I was so proud of them both.

The class ran smoothly and really was not anywhere near as challenging as I thought it might be. For each of the commands that Sonny was taught today (actually he already knows them), the instructors had me take him on the single leash so he could work alone. I just tied Beau to a fence poll in the shade while I was working with Sonny. This actually was a great exercise for Beau too, as he is not used to not being the centre of attention at training. It was good discipline for him to just sit there and watch Sonny & I working together and I was surprised that he didn’t kick up a fuss.

Once the trainers were satisfied that Sonny did understand the commands and that he would perform them on his own, I could then link him back up to the double leash and he and Beau worked as a team.

Today we did walking at heel, lots of different turns, sit, drop & stay. The boys were perfect. I was so proud of them and I am so pleased that Sonny too now can join in the fun of going to training classes. I always felt bad about leaving him at home.

I swear today, all day long, Sonny has had this great bit, self satisfied grin on his face.

So any of you gals & guys out there wondering about whether or not to train two dogs at a time, I say “go for it!”. I think if you had a very young puppy or two young puppies it may be rather challenging, but with one adult & one pup that has already had some training, I think it is just going to be fun & very rewarding.

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