That brings us up to date!

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All the blog entries prior to this date have been copied across from the old blogging spot. That brings us up to date, so here is where we currently are at.

Obedience Training

Anybody who had read my earlier blog entries would know that I had planned to have Sonny & Beau going through obedience training together. Beau's training got put on hold until Sonny went through beginners, and then in Class I I linked them up together. It was fun and I think with 2 dogs that were very enthusiastic, it could be done without too much trouble.

In reality, it hasn't worked out that way with my guys. Beau is super keen & loves the whole obedience, agility thing. Sonny on the otherhand loves the drive to school, loves walking around the showground & sniffing all the other dogs. However in training he is just not really that interested. It is all pretty ho-hum to him. I realised some weeks back that this would hold Beau back and we would probably never really make it to the higher classes.

So Sonny has gone back to staying at home with Sam the Boxer, and my hubby.

Beau is going great guns once again and I am hopeful that he will graduate this Sunday, taking him into Class II. All let you all know how he goes.


We have been BARFING for over a year now and it is honestly the best thing I have ever done for my dogs. My only regret is that all my dogs that have been & gone, did not enjoy the pleasure & health benefits of being fed in this way. Nothing would get me back to feeding kibble again.

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  1. Cleo's Person's Avatar
    Caraline, I'm sorry it didn't work out doing obedience with both boys at once. I know how excited you were at the thought. If it's not really Sonny's thing hopefully Beau will continue to flourish and enjoy it now he's back on his ownsome.
  2. Caraline's Avatar
    Thank you Cleo's Person. Yes, Beau graduated into Class II today, so I am confident I did the right thing in letting him go through on his own.
  3. Cleo's Person's Avatar
    As I noted in the celebration thread - that's fabulous! You've absolutely enabled him to flourish and thrive doing something he clearly loves.