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Teaching old dogs new tricks

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In this case me. I have an XBox gaming console courtesy of Microsoft to play around with and a stack of games. The intention is to see if MS can persuade me to embrace gaming... . Well, so far it has taken me a week to get the console set up -- and I still have no idea how to network it and if this has to be done via Windows. I have found that the directions provided more or less assume you know what you should be doing whereas I haven't a clue and am finding it really hard (though I can figure out how to do plenty of tasks on my computers).

I also have been trying out my first game -- one called Blue Dragon. A bit childish -- and again the problem is that there's an assumption that I know how to use a gaming handset and know what to do to fight the various things I need to fight, when I don't. The guide to the game is very involved and I don't know if I want to learn how to do all these different types of battles, play in teams, etc.At the moment I can't even figure out how to make my character do the very first basic fight!

So: so far, XBox, 1, me, 0. The only place I feel comfortable is in the arcade games section.

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