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Starting Up - Introducing Cleo

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Ok, I thought I'd give this a go. I have never been the best at maintaining a diary but here goes.

Cleo came into our lives almost two years ago. She is the most determined little doggie I have ever met. Our dog growing up was a white lab called Champ (very original name I know!) and he was very chilled out and just went along with whatever was happening.

Cleo definitely know what she likes and likes what she knows! She is a creature of habit and does not like it when things differ from the norm. So for example if we decide to stay up late at the weekends, she will fall asleep on the sofa but evetually decide it is time for bed, at which point she will plop down off the sofa and trot over to her crate and climb in. However Cleo also loves being at the centre of everything, so once she has voluntarily gone to her crate if we don't go to bed she feels compelled to come back out of her crate and almost shoo us up to bed so that she can relax for the night an go to sleep in her crate as usual.

Cleo clearly thinks she is the centre of the world and to be fair she almost is. Our entire extended family has fallen under her spell and she frequently accompanies any or all of us who want to go for a walk on that outing. I discussed in her first birthday post how she goes walkies regularly with my Mam and my brother when he's back in the country!

One of my favourite things about Cleo is her absolute delight when she arrives somewhere. She has in my father's words a great welcome for herself when she arrives at my parents house, as if to say 'hello, aren't you so glad I stopped by to visit'.

She is one determined doggie and is not at all reluctant to let you know what she wants to do. If she's bored, she will scratch the sofa on which you are sitting and drop a toy or whatever in front of you to try and encourage you to play. She has us trained very will as we often do what it is she wants. How can one refuse those eyes?

Anyway that's our Cleo, a determined, confident, happy doggie. I hope to keep this blog updated regularly so you can follow her many adventures. I will.

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  1. ice-cavi's Avatar
    Haha...she sounds very much CAVALIER
    They usually train their people very well
  2. *Pauline*'s Avatar
    A great start to your blog, do keep it up. Dylan does the same thing when he is tired, he puts himself to bed!
  3. Cleo's Person's Avatar
    Thanks guys! I promise I will make the effort to keep this up to date.

    Pauline does Dylan stay in bed when he goes himself or does he also try to make yougo to bed?

    They are very good at training us aren't they?!