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Water Baby - Not!

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This morning Cleo and I went for a walk around the Lough, a pond which is also a bird sanctuary and is a two minute walk from the front door, but lovely to walk around.

Anyway, while we were walking around, we came across a black Lab accompanied by a Blenheim Cavalier! Both were running in and out of the slipway into the pond. Cleo got so excited to see them she ran accross the grass to watch them in the water - remember this is the doggie who HATES water. She was so enthusiastic to see them that she ran right over the curb and landed in the pond. I should mention that it is relatively shallow at the edges.

Well she freaked out! She had no idea what had happened to her and rather than swim around the corner to the slipway where she could have walked out, she tried in vain to climb up the bank and over the curb. Her poor little face was a picture of disgust and panic. I wish I'd had the camera on hand as I think you'd have enjoyed it. The other cav swam over to her, as if to show her how it was done, but our Cleo was not impressed and persisted to try to climb out the side, so I fished her out and took her disgruntled self home.

She was even less impressed when I immediately threw her in the shower as the Lough water isn't all that clean. Anyway, here are some photos of her all cleaned up and in her favourite place, the windowsill!

Looking so regal, you'd never guess the ruffian she actually is!

Please throw my rope ... or the Poohbear.

Thanks for playing with me!

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Updated 26th July 2008 at 02:58 PM by Cleo's Person

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  1. Davy's Avatar
    Poor Cleo, she sounds like my brothers Cocker spaniel. I was looking after her when she spotted a duck on the grass by the side of the pond. Before I could stop her the chase was on with the duck diving through the fence around the pond to safety. But Cassie spotted an opening under the fence, shot through after the duck and then the moment she found out that dog can’t walk on water.

    Like Cleo she too couldn’t wait to get out of the water. Thankfully she was only here for the day so I left the task of bathing her to my brother

    Cleo looks lovely
  2. Cathy Moon's Avatar
    Aw, poor Cleo! Well, her coat looks lovely, so silky and shiny now after her bath. I'm sure this will entitle her to extra cuddles.

    I just noticed such a coincidence - we have exactly the same rope toy - it started out as a rope ball - and ours looks exactly like yours, a bit chewed up and taken apart! I will have to post a photo! And we have the exact same flooring in our kitchen.
  3. sins's Avatar
    Ugh, I'm imagining all the swan poo...ewww.
    I started life in Cork across from the Lough,my aunt still lives there.
  4. Cleo's Person's Avatar
    Sins it's true - cleaning swan poo out of a cav's coat is not party! Still though it's a lovely walk and she loves all the people and dogs she meets there. We alternate between walking round the Lough and heading to either UCC or Fitzgerald's Park, both of which are slighly less messy!

    Cathy, that it a coincidence! Isn't it amazing how they turn the ball into a total mess? I'm flabbargasted at the dedication required. And you should see Cleo chomping down on the rope. She seems to seek out the weak spot and work on that until another little bit unravels. The the process starts all over again!

    Davy, you were so lucky you could pawn the clean up off on someone else! My brother - the hero worshiped God - as he takes Cleo on epic walks around the place with him, is home tomorrow night, so she'll be delighted to look pretty for him. We're off to Holland tomorrow for a little holiday for a week, and Cleo will be staying with my mam, but with the brother home I know she won't miss us at all, and will probably be a little cheesed off when we return and take her back to our place!
  5. merlinsmum's Avatar
    I have two window sill sitters too! Although Merlin has taken to falling off it lately - too busy barking at other dogs going past
  6. Cleo's Person's Avatar
    That's so funny Kirsty!!!