Bought my wedding dress yesterday:)

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I know its seems a long time before the wedding but i spotted the dress I wanted and didn't want to end up being told that "its been discontinued..." when it came nearer the time. I've not been sized for it yet - we'll leave that for a few months.

I got my bridesmaid dress as well - only for Alison (my Maid of honour) to tell me she is 3 months pregnant - I'm soooooooooooo pleased for her as she has been trying for 3 years and because she hasn't been able to take the pill she has been really unwell every month. We ended up both crying in the changing room! - the lady doing the dress fittings must have wondered what on earth was going on!

The dress - this is the front
and this is the back - although in a different colour

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  1. ice-cavi's Avatar
    that is a beautyful dress,I can understand why you didn´t want to take the chance and wait
    When are you getting married ?
    (sorry I´m so curious,just love weddings .....)
    Good luck with the planning,it´s a bit stressful but also lots of fun!
  2. Cleo's Person's Avatar
    Congratulations Kirsty! You must be so delighted to have found the perfect dress. It's a really special moment when that happens. Are you going for the green detail or are you going with a different colour?
  3. merlinsmum's Avatar
    The wedding is 18th December 2009

    The dress will be in claret (where the green bits are)

    I'm going looking at Tiaras tommorow
  4. Cleo's Person's Avatar
    Oh I tried that dress on!!!!! It's beautiful. You must feel amazing in it! I wish you well wear with it!