Hi, Im new!!!

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Hey everyone!

Just a quick blog to let everybody know what I'm all about.

I absolutely LOVE Cavaliers which is why we studies hard last year about breeders in our area and foung our beautiful little girl Chili. She is a ruby and a perfect example of the variety too, not a speck of white. She was born on the 1st of July 2007. Chili is a model dog, house trained, obedient and intelligent. She is also great with my 2 boys and has a fabulous temprement.

With seeing how great she was as a pet I was determined to get her a companion and it wasnt long before we were back to her breeder and viewed the biggest fattest cutest black and tan pup ever. On Sunday the 14th of September, we brought Oscar home. He is so so different to Chili and I doubt will be as well behaved. He is hilarious. If we allowed him to, he would eat 24 hours a day unlike our Chili who is a picky eater.

As soon as he has had his final shots, I can only imagine that walk time sall be eventful. Cavaliers, especially young cavaliers just love those walks....seriously high energy

My 2 dogs are just fabulous, they are stunning to look at, as cuddly as teddy bears and not a bit of bother!! They are thought as much of as our 2 kiddies at home! I swear it feels like I have 4 kids and I love it!!!


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  1. Cleo's Person's Avatar
    to the board Anne-Marie. Your cavs sound wonderful. They really are addictive aren't they?! I look forward to you posting some photos of your doggies online. Tanya
  2. catie's Avatar
    Hi good to hear from you and welcome