Begging & Beauty Treatments

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Last week we took Belle for her usual evening walk but it was a rainy night so by the time we got home we were all filthy, cold and needing baths & showers. We only have Belle 3 weeks this week so last week was her first bath in our house (we didnt want to overwhelm her the minute she arrived). She had a great time, my OH washed her and I blow dried and styled her hair She loved it. Her coat was quite matted so she got a good brush though and looked gorgeous. I have some pictures of the beauty treatments in progress so will post asap.

Also the other thing she has been doing is following us all around to see do we drop any food I know cavaliers are food motivated but she is hilarious. She will be under my feet as I am making dinner to see do I accidentally drop anything on the floor and then she sits beside the table with 'those eyes' waiting to see do we take pity on her. Hmmm....I have seen her under the table licking her lips a couple of times so Im guessing one of my boys is not as strict as I am

Thats all from us for now.

Siobhan, Belle & the Boys

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