New Lady In THe House

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HI everyone,

So we just adopted Belle, a 4 year old Tri female Cavalier. I live with my partner and our 2 little boys (aged nearly 10 and 18 months). We have been having the discussion for ages now about whether to get a dog (not a dog, a cavalier ).
I had kind of nudged the OH away from getting a puppy and we were going to go to the pound to get a rescue dog and I had been building myself up for the trip (I am the biggest sap ever and probably would have tried to take 10 dogs). Anyway, I came across an ad for Belle and when we heard her story we had to have her.
She is the sweetest most gentle little angel and we love her to bits

Ill keep you updated on how she is getting on

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  1. ourempire's Avatar
    Good luck with Belle, she is just a pretty lady. You're right - there is so much more to a cavalier than other dogs
  2. Davy's Avatar
    Look forward to your next blog

    I was a terrier girl till I took my SiânE on at age five and she has me at her beck and call still five years later.

    Hope you have as many happy years as I have had.
  3. Cleo's Person's Avatar
    Congratulations on giving Belle a forever home. I wish you many happy years together.