Nearly Camping

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I'm testing out this new blog features as I'm thinking of you annual couples camping trip that I plan.

For the second year in a row we are camping how the shore of Lake Michigan on the Wisconsin side. The camp ground is huge and beautiful. There is so much to do and it very dog friendly. There are sand dunes and a board walk to walk on and then the lake is so blue it looks like the ocean. There are many miles of beach to walk on. I like going when it's cold cause we take the dogs on the non-dog beach.

We'll be eating beer brats and kraut and burgers and hot dogs. I can't wait for my husband Dustin to show off it jiffy pop skills again. Smores are great, my sister and I love to burn them.

This will be Maverick's second camping trip. He loved the first tip and running in the sand and having his own chair. This is my sister's first camping trip with me. Man I can't wait for FRIDAY!

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