Allergies, Nasal/Inhalational

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I want so much to share an invaluable experience after 2 years' frustration w/ my cavalier's allergies, which no vet could help with. My 2 1/2 year old male Bleinheim cavalier suffered from sneezing, coughing and congestion everyday- requiring antibiotics approx. every 3 mos. After a trip to the emergency room (benedryl made him even more short of breath b/c it dried his mucous and became stuck), he was placed on prednisone and azithromycin.

I was told by several different vets that dogs don't usually get asthma and allergies are typically skin related. I knew 100% he was allergic to dust and construction work done at my house. I finally purchased an air purifier (Oreck), which initially didn't work in a big room. But when I placed it in the bedroom (allergies worse at night and early am), all his symptoms 100% disappeared!!! This is now 3 mos. and thank God no antibiotics!!!! I am thrilled. If anyone out there has a similar story, PLEASE don't hesitate-- it will change you and your dog's life. P.S. I never kept him on prednisone after 1 wk. of use last year.

I am an acupuncturist/physician asst. After 2 years of antibiotics, now he has GI problems (diarrhea and food sensitivities)- acupuncture and acidophilus also resolved this problem- one which a vet could not.

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    Can anyone please share any experiences regarding Leptospirosis. I am torn about whether to vaccinate every single year. The vaccine doesn't cover all strains (at least not the rabbits and squirrels I don't think). My vet said they see about 10 cases/yr. and half don't make it. My yard is fenced in but rabbits and squirrels do get in. Thanks!