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Twittering about dogs

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Who uses Twitter? It's called a 'microblogging' service (because you can only type a 140-character message) but it is better described I think as a very versatile text messaging service where you can text to, and receive texts from, literally as many people as you'd like, in real time as they are sent. They can arrive and be sent from your mobile, but I have them come to my computer where you can set up a free application like Tweetdeck or Nambu to read, manage, organise into groups, and send texts. You can 'follow' someone of interest (subscribe to receive a person's 'tweets') and others can follow you.

There are quite a few dog related Twitterers. I have two accounts -- one for the SM website, @smcavaliers, and one for the rescue and general dog stuff: @ckcsrescue. You can click to see the rescue account right from my signature on CavalierTalk if you want to see how it works. People might also be interested in Beverly Cuddy's Twitterings -- @beverlycuddy. You can search for others too! The way to view a Twitter account is to go to www.twitter.com/ckcsrescue for example, but people usually use the @ckcsrescue format when giving someone's Twitter username because that is how it will appear in tweets.

Just a warning -- it can get a bit addictive for some people! And you may be surprised at the range of people and celebs busy tweeting away.

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  1. kmatt's Avatar
    I'm sorry, I really don't see the whole point of Twitter? Why would I really want to spend my time telling everyone what I'm doing in two sentence increments.

    Though maybe a good idea, when I see shows like Oprah making statements about how they historically joined Twitter I die laughing.