22 April 2007 - Beau's First Day At Puppy School

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Oh we had such a fun day. Beau’s baby puppy class is held in the nearby showground and when we arrived there were lots of handlers & their dog everywhere, all getting organised to go to their various different classes. Poor little Beau was looking around at this sea of very big dogs & I am sure at first he would have just like to have gone back home.

However, once everyone got to their classes, we found ourselves in a nice safe fenced off area with about 8 others in the baby puppy class. It was such fun and I was so very proud of Beau. The first 10 minutes was spent off leash, just letting the puppies socialise with one & other. Beau had his little tail tucked up between his legs, but like a little trooper he wandered around & introduced himself to all the other puppies. There were some much bigger than him, but most were around his size. Within 5 minutes he had his little tail up all jaunty and was having a ball.

Today we did heel & sit, which Beau & I had been working on & he did most impressively. We also did drop & stay. We practiced walking past other dogs on leash & not getting distracted, coming when called, & also a short time being tied up and left out of sight. I was really impressed with what a confident little fellow Beau is. He just seems to trust that whatever it is I do with him, it must be good and right. My chest was swelling.

The most fun part though was our little baby agility session of walking a plank, that was on the ground & running through the tunnel. I was really surprised at how quickly Beau caught on. I looked at him and could see that he was really focused and that he knew that we were a team & doing this fun stuff together.

It was just great and I can’t wait until next week for our second class. The only thing that I regret is that I had never taken my other dogs. I just didn’t know what we were missing out on.

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